About This Blog

Since July 11th, 2010, Future War Stories (AKA: "FWS") has been devoted to explain and explore the world of military science fiction through all media types by me and other contributors like Yoel. While this is defined as a "blog", it is more of a website devoted to pumping out about 2-3 research-based articles over a wide variety of topics related to military sci-fi via a number of series in the course of a month. From reviews, flash-fiction, the Armory, and Ships of the Line; FWS has it all covered. It is not just sci-fi we cover here either, FWS has makes the attempt to cover contemporary military matters and works as well/ Enjoy your stay around here, leave some commentary, and share the links!


  1. Are you alive still? I love this blog!

  2. I am...I took a new job that involves a great deal of travel and poor internet reception...so bad combination. I am attempting to work harder.